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Hong Shan Chuan Industry(Chongqing) Limited

As a dominant lighting manufacturer and exporter, HSC is an expert in LED lighting, CFL, induction lamp and other energy saving lighting series. HSC has been in the lighting business for over 7 years. Its LED products include DIP/***D/High power LED light components, and indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures, such as strip, tube, bulb, spotlight, down light, ceiling light, flood light, wall wash, street light and more.
HSC Lighting Holding Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. In 2010, it moved to Chongqing to enlarge the production capacity. Our 330,000-square-meter ISO 9001:2008 certified facility is outfitted with advanced production equipment, auto automatic machinery for die bonding, wire bonding, encapsulation and sorting wire bonders.
Our 50 above R&D team of 1000 employees has an average 7 years of experience. We can create 8-10 new designs per month and tailor a customized sample in 3-7 days. We roll out up to 450KK for LED light sources and 60,000 units for LED lighting fixtures monthly. The delivery time for volume orders is 10-15 days.
With clean room environmental anti-electrostatic control throughout the manufacturing process and first-class experience in production and factory management, our attention to the quality is unrivaled. To meet the clients around the world, we use various chipsets from high end to down end. Equipped with state of the art integrating sphere, thermal analyzer, temperature cycling tester, spectrum analyzer, viewing angle tester, electron microscope, vibration tester and intelligent aging room, our QC team will carry out stringent tests.
Our items carry SGS, CE and RoHS marks. 2-year warranty is ensured at least. Our high level cost control makes sure good quality with competitive price. As a trustful partner of many clients around the world, we will make your global merchandising a pleasure and will be the one you count on mostly in the industry.
Contact our over 120 professional sales speaking 6 languages and have excellent communication skill with foreigners today. We will reply to you within 12hrs/7days and bring a top service to you, my friend!

HSC-The Lighting Giant in China!
HSC-The Lighting Shining Your World!


Web: www.hsclighting.com

Email: SALES4@hsclighting.com

Cell: +86 15215289616

Phone: +86-23-55558888 extension 8047

Fax: +86-23-55339135

Add: Binjiang Industrial Park

Yunyang, Chongqing



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